The PATT41 conference fee structure is outline below. The fees are displayed in USD($) or CNY(¥), you can choose whether to pay in USD or CNY according to your situation. Only registered and paid participants will be scheduled in the conference program. Registration is valid only when the payment is received and processed.

Registration Type

Early Bird Rate 

3rd June to 31st August 2024

Regular Rate

1st September to 7th October 2024

Standard-full conference (option1)

$250 or ¥1750

$300 or ¥2100

Standard-full conference (option2-textbook)

$180 or ¥1250

$210 or ¥1450

Student-full conference (option1)

$150 or ¥1050

$150 or ¥1050

Student-full conference (option2-textbook)

$80 or ¥550

$80 or ¥550

Extra-gala meal tickets

$50 or ¥350

$50 or ¥350

Extra-social activity tickets

$30 or ¥200

$30 or ¥200

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Nanjing Normal University


Account No: 513158216421

Bank Address: No.177 Guangzhou Road, Nanjing, China

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ940


Important Notes

1) The registration fee for this conference will be collected through online bank transfer only, and offline payment is not supported. The registration fee standard does not differentiate between domestic and international participants, but only by the currency of settlement. The deadline for payment is October 7, 2024. (本次会议注册费采用线上银行转账的方式,不支持线下缴费。会议注册费标准不区分国际国内,仅区分结算币种。缴费截止日期为2024年10月7日)

2) Standard Rates (option1 & option2) include the gala meal and social activities. (选项1和选项2的标准注册费均包括晚宴和社交活动)

3) Student Rates are for full-time students only and do not include the gala meal and social activities.(学生注册费只适用于全程参加的学生,不包括晚宴和社交活动)

4) Participants who can bring technical or engineering education textbooks for primary and secondary schools from their own countries to the international textbook exhibition and leave them at Nanjing Normal University can apply for option 2. (对于能够从本国携带中小学技术或工程教育教材参加国际教材展并将其留在南京师范大学的参会者可以申请选项2的费用)

5)Participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation expenses. Due to the extreme shortage of accommodation near the conference venue during the event, the organizers will not arrange accommodation centrally. Please make your own hotel reservations in advance to avoid any inconvenience to your travel plans.(本次会议参会者的往返交通费及住宿费请自理。因会议期间会场周边住宿极度紧张,主办方不统一安排住宿,请参会者提前自行预定酒店,以免耽误行程)

6)For those who have completed the payment, please send the payment receipt to the conference email:, along with your name, affiliation, registration type, email address, and country/region. If you intend to bring textbooks related to technology and engineering for primary and secondary schools in your country to the conference, please inform us via email, and we will arrange for our staff to handle the information registration accordingly.(已缴费人员请发送付款凭证至会务邮箱,并备注姓名、单位、注册类型、电子邮箱、国家/地区。如果您想携带本国中小学技术与工程类教材参加会议,请发邮件告诉我们,我们会安排工作人员进行信息登记)

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