Equality, diversity and inclusion are important to the PATT41 Conference Committee, Nanjing Normal University and partner institutions. PATT41 aims to challenge prejudice and biases and removing barriers that hinder equal access and opportunity. Therefore, we are committed to advancing a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion during this conference, from planning through to participation. PATT41 conference must provide a welcoming, open and safe environment, embracing the value of every person, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, religion, national origin, ancestry, or disability.


Trust, respect, honesty and fairness are values that underpin authoring and peer reviewing and presenting of papers. PATT41 is committed to fostering and maintaining academic integrity in technology and engineering education research and scholarship. We try to manage the relationship between high standards and rigour and the perspective and inclusivity with regard to research approaches and results. The PATT41 conference committee encourage respectful and courageous dialogue and debate, where there are differences in opinion, perspective and experience. We seek to understand and grow together, acknowledging diverse ways of knowing and understanding.


All abstracts and papers for PATT41 are subject to double-blind peer review by the Review Panel. Authors are expected to make every effort to anonymize their submissions to avoid identification through the paper contents or document metadata. Peer reviewers are expected to approach submissions with kindness and respect, providing clear feedback on effective aspects and actionable feedforward to help authors to improve their papers. Authors are encouraged to approach peer reviewer comments with an open mind, and adapt/improve their submissions as appropriate.

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