K-12 technology and engineering education and student development

The PATT41 Conference Committee are delighted to announce that the theme for the 2024 conference is ‘K-12 technology and engineering education and student development’.

The conference theme and sessions are organised under four strands (click to expand descriptions):

This strand focuses on the awareness and a positive attitude toward technology and engineering education, including gender difference, socioeconomic status, orientation, self-efficacy etc. as they relate to the awareness of technology and engineering education around the world.

This stand focuses on technology and engineering thinking characteristic and cultivation of it. We encourage submissions of empirical research on approaches to the subject from different countries and education systems, including (but not limited to) action research, case studies, reflections, etc. on teaching and learning in the school classroom.

This strand calls for challenges and evidence of technology and engineering education in primary and secondary schools. We aim to foreground studies that reveal findings and offer conclusions to influence and build education policy at local, national and/or international levels.

This strand calls for knowledge and teaching approaches of technology and engineering education. We welcome submissions from national and local materials and textbooks of primary and secondary schools in technical and engineering education.

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